Palma to soller train arriving at Bunyola

Taking the Serra de Tramuntana Train with Kids

One of the highlights of our visits to Mallorca and the Serra de Tramuntana region of the island has always been taking the Palma to Soller Vintage train. The kids have loved this narrow gauge electric railway that runs through the mountains on the island and takes you to the picturesque town of Soller. They aren’t content with finishing there and we take the tram down to Port de Soller to enjoy the seaside there.

Palma to soller train arriving at Bunyola
The vintage train arriving in Bunyola as part of the Serra De Tramuntana Railway

Palma to Soller Train

The Vintage Palma to Soller train is a wooden train narrow-gauge electric railway that runs between Palma and Soller.

train to soller in serra de Tramuntana on the island of Mallorca a fun activity to do with kids on the island
The Vintage Wooden Narrow Gauge Electric Railway running between Palma and Soller

It is just 27km long (just under 17 miles) and crosses the Sierra de Alfàbia mountain range with a series of tunnels, bridges, viaducts and bends. With over 100 years of travel, this is an iconic short train trip to take with the kids.

You can take the train from either Palma to Soller or Soller to Palma on Mallorca and return the same day.

How Long Does the Train from Palma to Soller Take?

In total, the train journey time is just 1hr and it is amazing.

However, if you scroll down you will find our recommendation for having a shorter journey with kids! And avoiding the Palma traffic!

When Do the Trains go From Palma to Soller?

Between April and October, there are usually 6 trains going from Palma to Soller and 6 trains coming back.

The first one leaves Palma at 10:10 am, the last one returning from Soller at 6:30 pm.

For the most up to date information check the Tren de Sóller timetable and the ticket offices. Especially during the peak season as more trains usually, run on busy days

How much does the Serra De Traumanata Train Cost?

A round trip from Palma to Soller and back costs €25 (approximately £22 and $28).

If you wish like we did to continue on to Port de Soller (Puerto de Sóller) you can get the train and the tram for €32 (Approximately £29 and $36).

However, because we choose to miss out the stretch of the train from Palma to Bunyola we had the train and tram for a €29 round trip!

It is important to note that at the time we travelled you couldn’t pay by Credit or Debit card. It was cash only.

Where Can You Buy Tickets for the Wooden Train On Mallorca?

You can only buy tickets on the day of travel.

You can not reserve ahead of time or buy in advance.

They are bought at the station and the advice is to get there between 40 minutes and an hour prior to departure to ensure you have a space on the train.

Can you take a bike on the train from Palma to Soller?

No, you can’t take your bike on the Palma to Soller train. This helps to give the most space for passengers.

Catch the Serra DE Tramuntana Train in Bunyola

One of the top tips that my parents passed on to us was that instead of driving into Palma and contending with the traffic there we should drive and park the car at Bunyola a stop on the Palma to Soller Train.

This pretty little Majorcan town is around 25 minutes along the track from Palma and less crowded with a quaint little station.

kids waiting for the train at Bunyola to go to Soller on the Spanish island of Mallorca
Kids waiting for the train at Bunyola to take to Soller and continue on the Tram to Puerto de Soller on the coast

The kids loved the cafe and from the picture, you can see that the swinging chair was a highlight.

Not only did we avoid the traffic of Palma we also saved ourselves some money and because we were staying in Pollensa it meant that we were actually closer to Bunyola than we were to Palma so saved some driving time as well.

Waiting for the train to soller
Kids waiting for the train back from Soller to Bunyola on Mallorca

Tram from Soller to Puerto DE Sóller

Soller is a pretty town but the highlight for the kids was to take a tram ride and continue further down to Puerto de Sóller.

kids riding the back of the tram through Soller to go to Port De Soller on Mallorca
J and T taking the tram from Soller to Port de Soller on the island of Mallorca

Started the year after the train in 1913 this wooden tram takes passengers through the town and countryside down to the port and back daily.

Porte de soller take the train and tram to read this pretty port on the island of Mallorca
Port de Soller on the Island of Mallorca reminds me of the French Rivera

The port reminded me of the French Riveria with palm trees and a great selection of cafe and restaurants around the harbour.

bull statue in Puerto de Soller
Bull Statue in Port de Soller on Mallorca

When does the Tram Travel between Soller and Port de Soller?

tram to take you between Soller and Port de Soller
The Tram Number 5 to take you between Soller and Port de Soller on Mallorca

Leaving every 30 minutes from 10 am through to 7:30 pm from Soller (check timetables in Soller on the day as this can change) it’s just a 15 to 20 minutes ride with a few stops along the way.

From 11:30 am to 8 pm the train travels back from Puerto de Sóller to Soller.

You can find the full timetable including the earlier and later trams here.

If you do the trip with the train make sure you co-ordinate your train and tram so that you don’t miss your connections.

How Much Does the Soller Tram Cost?

The Soller tram costs €7 each way and purchased onboard the tram.

Like the train, at the time we went, you couldn’t pay by credit or debit card so bring your cash and plan accordingly.

Why take the Palma to Soller Train with Kids?

Best things to do with kids in Serra de Tramuntana region of Mallorca
Kids on the Palma to Soller Train in the Serra de Tramuntana region of Mallorca

This was one of the kids highlights of travelling around the Serra de Tramuntana region of Mallorca when we visited. Because it’s a fairly short train journey (especially if you take our top tip and travel from Bunyola instead of Palma) it was just perfect to keep their 3 and 4-year-old attention span.

preschooler on the palma to soller train
T on the train to Soller from Bunyola

They loved the tunnels that it went through – 13 in total on the whole route (although I have a feeling that we only went through 11 by starting at Bunyola) and entertained the carriage with a rendition of “Wheels on the train” for the journey.

View of the towns in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Serra de Tramuntana in Mallorca taken from the train to Soller
View from the Serra de Tramuntana Vintage Railway

As the train stopped at a viewpoint overlooking the mountains and towns they were able to get a good look out across the area and see everything that was going.

port de soller from the tram
Port de Soller from the tram coming from Soller

The towns of Soller and Port de Soller are pretty and the kids loved wandering the streets, trying snacks from the bakery and ice-cream at the harbour as well as watching the fish swim around the boats.

Church in Soller
The pretty town of Soller at the end of the Palma to Soller railway this is where you can catch the tram to Port de Soller
Palma to Soller Train with Kids
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Take the train and slowly travel through Mallorca from Palma to Soller. This vintage wooden train is electric and travels through the mountains going through tunnels and stopping to take in the breathtaking views. The kids loved riding in the old fashioned carriages and then finishing off by catching the tram to Port de Soller and the beach and harbour. Save a little money, time and avoid the traffic by catching the train at Bunyola. This pretty little station is great for kids and less busy than the main one in Palma.


  • Beautiful views
  • Slow travel between the mountains
  • AVOID travel sickness as you avoid the winding mountain roads to get the picturesque towns of Soller and Port de Soller
  • Travel in Vintage Style on a 1912 train and 1913 trams


We can’t think of any!

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  1. We love to explore towns and villages when on our travels. I love the idea of the train, an hour is perfect. My little boy would love how traditional it is

  2. My kids did I think that was the draw it was so old that they felt like they had stepped back in time.

  3. Hi, at the time that we went Under 5s (possibly 5 and under) were free to travel. However, above this age it was full adult price.

  4. I was in Alicante Spain in June&July of 2015 & diverted for a few days to Mallorca since it wasn’t far off the coast at that point.It was a wonderful experience to an already delightful journey and Mallorca in general offered a cultural sense of a slower pace and a taste of life at a time consistent with this. The Serra train exemplified all of this, just being inside as it went along; being able to observe the scenery well at the comfortable speed amidst noticing the craftmanship of the train itself, of beautiful wood construction.There aren’t many vintage trains in full operational state.If you find yourself on the island of Mallorca, I strongly suggest that you take this journey on the train.If you have a family with children, it would expose them in real terms to experience history in a deeper context such as entering an historic building rather than just viewing it from the outside.In addition, by utilizing it, would assist in preserving it’s existence.

  5. If you are limited on time and have a car you can board the train at Bunyola, to enjoy the last mountain stretch before Soller, a journey of just 25 minutes.

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